Finding the Right Hair & Makeup Artist for Your Wedding      

There are many elements involved in bringing together your dream wedding that it can quickly become overwhelming. It’s important to tackle the larger item on your list ( venue, caters, photographer videographer , etc.), but having flawless MAKEUP for you and your wedding party should NOT be overlooked. You and your groom will be the focus of the day! You should enjoy your celebration without worrying about how you look. 


♦️5 Reasons To Book a Hair & Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day 

  • Experienced  – Able to create beautiful long lasting makeup on all skin tones & ethnicities 
  • Professional – Expertise in bridal makeup & managing unique wedding day situations
  • Knowledgeable – Uses the best products, tools, & techniques to ensure beautiful images! 
  • Convenient. – Luxury bridal service at your preferred location!
  • Confident   – Works well under pressure & can help you relax! 

♦️A makeup artist can make your life and your wedding day easier …

Here are some helpful questions, tips and red flags to assist you in the process of finding the right wedding day makeup artist for you around Namibia!

♦️What is your budget ?

Setting  any budget can be painful, but knowing a reasonable budget for makeup artist in your area is the first place to start. Be cautious of anyone who quotes below these rates! Rates that are too low can indicate lack of experience and / training, a kit full of products that aren’t suitable for bridal makeup, or someone who only occasionally does makeup as a hobby. Each situation can result in issues of professionalism, and even worse, ruined wedding photos. Do you really want to take this HUGE risk on your wedding day ?!

You may be able to find lower than average rates at salons or makeup counters ( Foschini , Edgar’s or MAC) but you won’t receive the same level of service, expertise in bridal makeup, privacy and convenience. Remember : YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!

♦️ Do you like the artist and their work?

You should do a “background check” on your artist via social media prior to submitting an inquiry.  Things to consider – does the artist’s personality appeal to you? Are there reviews from other brides ? Bridal makeup is very specific. You will need someone familiar with the unique situations that arise during a bridal appointment. Does their work show a variety of looks and skin tones? You dnt want a “one trick pony” or someone that does not do makeup on women of all ethnicities and skin tones – this is very important if you are also booking makeup for your bridal party. Do any of her clients look like you / have your skin tone? Do you like the general style of most of he makeup looks?   Run like your pants are on fire if they consider you to bring your own foundation!!!



my beautiful bride Milu and her lovely sister.


The bride’s lovely sister


Taatilishous ❤️❤️

♦️What is the booking process?  

When you find someone whose work and personality you like, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re almost there. You should send an inquiry via their website, email, Facebook or Instagram. Or just give them a call if the number is provided. If you got their name as a referral from me, please let them know Ada Auala the MUA sent you!  

Many artists have contact forms that asks all the relevant questions. However , if you are sending an email or massage you should provide complete details for your wedding appointment: date, time you need to be ready, what services you need and for how many people (bride + 3, for example), appointment location, etc. The more information you provide the easier it will be for them to respond quickly with their availability and quote.  The artist should respond R pleasantly, promptly , professionally and should see genuinely happy to work with you!

Make sure your artist have a contract and Terms & Conditions ! This protects you and your artist by confirming all details of your wedding day appointment. Ensure that the basics are covered in the contract ( who, where, where, what and how much), that you understand the terms, and that the terms are agreeable to you. If someone has trouble explaining the specific terms of how they conduct business, you should  be very careful

♦️Are they able to answer your questions?

How many years have they been doing makeup? Do they specialize in weddings? Do they prefer airbrush or traditional makeup? What is their ideal bridal look/client ? What’s steps do they take to ensure a long lasting application?  What are they rates? How long does it take per face? How many people can they accommodate per wedding ?what brands/products do they use? There are some awesome drug store products, but the majority of a professional kit should be stocked with PROFESSIONAL quality brands – this affects the longevity of your look and how your makeup photographs. What steps do they take for proper sanitation? Who will be the actual artist assigned to you in a case of a team? Any working bridal artist should be able to answer these simple questions confidently and quickly. 

I hope this article was helpful and all the best finding your bridal party team…

With love 

Ada’s Creation