Wigs are the new sexy, why you should wig it..

Many women all over the world today wear wigs and they all have their reason. The wig industry is booming due to the sudden demand and needs for wigs. Below are some of Ada’s Creation reasons to invest in a wig or two. 

1. Wigs conceal natural hair issues . 

A lot of women suffer from hair line issues, bold patches , hair loss issues, and especially older ladies. Wigs are perfect for concealing. 

2. Protective Styling 

Wigs helps reduce hair styling manipulation such as, perking, brushing, blow dying, bleaching and straightening. Overtime these cause damage and breakage and also helps protect your hair from harsh weather conditions. 


3. Cost effective ( Saves you money) 

Wearing wigs regularly can save you a lot of money. Most of my clients bring me their old hair and this is usually all I need to make a complete unit. Brazilian hair is very expensive, having a wig cuts down on weekly, monthly visits to the hair salon. 
4. Transforming made easy 

Wigs are great ways to switch up your looks without having to visit the hair salon and spending thousands of $$$$. Wigs can be custome made to suit your face structure and also choose the length, cuts, texture, and colors. Surely you would find your preferred preference and you can choose to wear a different style each day. 


5. Time Saving 

You don’t have to spend your Saturdays in the salon or time  styling hair in the morning. Just pop on your wig and go. It’s also perfect for a bad hair day. 

At Ada’s creation we offer wig making services for only N$400.


Am wearing my own creation with a 5*5 closure. Custome colored and styled  by me .



 What you will need for a complete unit. 

  1. 300g of any hair type with a closure (300g if the closure is  small one 4*4)
  2. 200g of any hair type with a closure (200g if you have a frontal or  5*5 closure )
  3. 300g if you want a normal wig without a closure. I prefer the closures because they always look natural. 
  4. You need to come in for measurements, meaning your hair should not be weaved in or in braid. 


The above is a lace frontal and the 3 part closure , also known as the 5*5.