Makeup Classes

Ada’s Creation is a bridal hair and makeup company which was established in 2013. My main vision is to empower women across the country to look and feel beautiful which in return adds to being confident and comfortable in their own skin but felt the need to give back more than just painting faces and empowering women.

“According to Ministry of Education’s Sector Policy for Orphans & Vulnerable Children – It was estimated in 2001 that Namibia had over 97 000 Orphans and vulnerable children all under the age of 15. Estimates are that by 2021 the country will have over 250 000 OVC, which means that 1 in 3 Namibian children will be orphaned.”

The government is doing their part by provide the vulnerable with a monthly grand of N$250. It’s upon us as Namibian entrepreneurs to do our parts in assisting the government. Together with vision 2030 and the Harambee prosperity plan, no Namibian shall be left behind.

This is an annual event. As a fundraising tour initiative for the underprivileged children in our communities, we would would appreciate your participation in this charitable journey.

We plan to raise enough funds to buy warm uniforms for the underprivileged children. Sponsorship maybe in different forms

  • Financial Aid
  • Venue hire
  • School Jerseys (For selected school country wide)
  • Gift Hampers

Your sponsorship comes with some advertisement space on, social media and mailers.


Beauty Charity Coastal.jpgAda’s Creation Presents Beauty For Charity Tour  2017 




Make Poster- Sept 2017

Otjiwarongo , Walvis  and Swakopment  is done, now is time for Windhoek .  The venue to be announced on social media closer to the time.

Session  – The beginners Experience  : It’s that time once again for my makeup classes, but this time we are going across the country. Our exclusive hands on makeup experience is finally here. During this 5 hours event, participants will follow along as I guide you through a complete make up application while navigating through techniques such as :

  1. Foundation selection
  2. Brows shaping
  3. Eye shadow blending
  4. Color correcting
  5. Highlighting/contouring
  6. Eye Lashes application
  7. The list goes on

I will be providing the following products.

  1. Wet wipes
  2. Sponges to blend your foundations with
  3. Mirrors to use
  4. A chance for some lucky ladies to win a goddie bags.

You would be required to provide the following products if you do not own a makeup kit.

  1. Foundation of choice – mandatory – from clicks, Dis-Chem, The Grove Mall
  2. Fav Foundation
  3. Concealer (2 shades lighter LA Girl Pro are cheaper) mandatory
  4. Setting Powder – mandatory – check clicks or dis-chem
  5. hqdefault
  6. Makeup brushes ( Dis-Chem has cheaper ones)
  7. Lipstick
  8. Lip liner of choice
  9. Eye shadow of choice (Dis-Chem have a variety)
  10. Blush of choice
  11. Setting spray
  12. Mascara
  13. Eye Brow Pencil or Gel ( The Body Shop have nice brow gels)
  14. Makeup Brushes to get : Foundation  brush Due Fiber, angled brow brush, concealer brush, shader brush, 2 blending brushes (is best to get it in black & white), powder brush, a big Angled brush and a blush brush.  I must warn you, is best to buy the Due Fiber brush and use it for the foundation. The actual foundation brush hardly gets the job done.

Basic brushes


What should be in my makeup kit….??

If money is not an issue head to the Grove and spoil yourself at the MAC counter. I would recommend Ember lights for a night gold and shimmer look. Brown Script for a nice transitioning eye shadow, Embark is also perfect for along the crease or for eyebrows filling if you have full brows and Rule is perfect for a clean natural eye lid. Not to forget Expensive Pink for a pop of color.




Are you worried about where to start? Here is a break down of step i usually follow.

Step 1: A very good skin care product to apply before foundation.

Step 2: A good primer (I like to use milk of magnesia or ponds for very dry skin all from clicks)

Step 3: You need a nice eyebrow pencil or a brow gel or even a dark brown eye shadow.


Step 4: Gel brow , The body shop in maerua have nice ones.


During my makeup class, working on the lovely model.

Step 5: You need a concealer for the brows, this can be MAC NC the number should be 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Or the famous and cheap LA Girl Pro HD concealers.  I use FAWN/ Toffee on most of my clients if you are medium to darker skin tone.


Step 6: Eye shadow of choice (i love natural colours)


Step 7: Eye liner and mascara of choice, again get the waterproof ones, clicks is a good place to start.


Step 8: Foundation of choice is best used after you’ve done your eyes. Revlon, Mac, Black up, the list goes on…check up there for the top 10 foundations. Concealer should be 2 shades lighter.

Step 9: Loose powder for setting your foundation, this can be any brand of choice.


I love to use Ben-Nye, Mac studio fix pressed powder NW45 and to contour i used NW58 on myself. You need to find one that match your skin tone.

Step 10. Blush of choice and highlighter if you like a shimmery glow finish.

Step 11: Lips stick of the day, depending on your outfit of the day.

Step 12: Setting spray NYX, MAX FIX +, or any really.

MAC was my 1st love, i still love some of their products, especially the lips sticks, lip liners, prolong wear concealers….





Last year’s Makeup class at the Wine Bar.


One of my lovely students @phatsaima doing her thing…#blending is key..


The lady did her own makeup.


Doing what i love..


Having some fun with makeup


Brows about to be on fleek


The ladies enjoying a speech from one of my guest speakers.

In addition, I will be prepared to address questions throughout the class and during the Q&A sessions at the events conclusion.

Note: This class has been designed for those with a beginner/immediate makeup skill level. Perfect class for individual looking to develop skills  to those wishing to build upon current knowledge.


Come learn how to contour like a pro..


Master your eyebrows..


The class is for any skin tone.


They all came to learn


My model and a friend looking lovley


She outdone herself…


The beautiful Kris..

For more information please call 0817725090 or email me at

Regular Registration Fee – N$800 (N$600 nonrefundable deposit) – This deposit secures your seats . Or buy school uniform worth N$200- N$600. If you miss the date or you can not make it, this is NOT refundable. You  can tell a friend or family member to attend on your behalf. 

Please note only e-wallet, direct deposit , pay to cell or eft will be accepted , no cash or cheques will be accepted.  The only thing i will accept is brand new school uniforms. 

Note: The last day of payments for the coastal  class is 25 July 2017. 

Please pay here, e-wallet  or pay to cell to the following number 0817725090

Account name : Ada’ s Creation 

Account number : 62249841182

Bank: FNB, Savings, Code: 280172 

Reference: full name and Town( ex: Ada Auala , Coastal Class)