Loise’s Wedding – Ongenga Village


Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (564)

Hello future brides, I know I know, it’s been a minute please forgive me. I met Loise back in 2015 at her cousin Emerald’s (I shared her wedding story in my last post) bridal shower. I told you I become the family’s go to bridal hair and makeup artist.

She booked my services for both herself, bridesmaids, mother and older sister back in 2015. We immediately planned for her trial which is highly recommended (I had a topic on the importance of booking bridal trials). She wanted elegance for her engagement shoot which was captured by the lovely Azo Akweenda from AZME studio.



She wanted a formal hair style for the E-Session. Hair used was 300g of 24inch because we needed volume for this hair style.


After the photo shoot, we continued with consultation to discuss her preferred look and logistics since the wedding will be out of Windhoek.


I flew to Ondangwa the day before the wedding, were I met up with my assistant for this wedding (The lovely Selma from VHB in Ondangwa). We the made our way to Ongenga village, which was our first time. The bride was kind enough to organize accommodation for us at her house.

On the wedding day, we woke up around 3a.m. to set up, we are hard core like that. Selma did the bridesmaid’s hair while I did their makeup.

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (43)

Her skin was set by mixing the pond’s cream complex for very oily skin with milk of magnesia (which creates a matte and oil free face).

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (52)

I started on her brows, she wanted them nice and natural looking. I used my Mac pencil Spiked with a bit of The body shop’s brow gel in brown. The concealer used was a mixture of Mac Pro long wear NC45 with LA Girl HD in Fawn.

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (71)

I can’t give the exact colour used on her eyes, because I mixed a few to get the exact colour she wanted. I finished the eyes with gel liner and lashes.


Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (79)

Foundation used was Mac’s Match Master in 8.5, MAC pro long wear concealer in NC45 was used to highlight under her eyes. The rest of the face was set with MAC studio fix powder and the famous sacha Cosmetics loose power.

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (90)


Definition and shine was added to her face using MAC Gold Deposit on her cheek bones. I lit up her face using MAC blush in Dollymix. She’s already blessed with killer cheekbones, she didn’t need much contouring. I just warmed up the outer perimeters of her face with MAC mineralize skin finish in Dark deepest with a bit of MAC NW45 +50

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (392)

To finish up the look I firstly defined the outer edges of her lips with Dose of Colour Chocolate Wasted and Stone and softly blended with a lip brush.


I was really happy with the overall look on the bridal party, so was the bride as I received a massage the very next day from bride.

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (734) (1)

We managed to finish all of them on time and they looked beautiful.

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (684)

I always go the extra mile for all my brides, by offering a complimentary second look.  In her case, I gave her a bit of  a neat hair do and I gave her a touch up for the reception. Is too bad I don’t have their dance video. The best bridal entrance dance ever…

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (1251)

PS – I will always advise makeup should be taken off at the end of the day.

Thank you Loise for being such a stylish and lovely client, wishing you all of God’s blessings.

Siya&Loise_OurWeddingDay (1475)

Photo Credit : Azo from AZME studios.

Thank you Selma for helping me with the bridesmaids Hair Styling.




Emerald’s Wedding

Its always a pleasure to work on a sister and get invited back to the family to work on a second sister 🙂. But i must add that i am officially part of the Shilengudwa family and it is indeed an honor. I love them…


Introducing my beautiful bride – Emerald whom I met while planning for her elder sister – Anne’s wedding. She actually introduced me to her older sister.

We did her trial in Cape Town back in 2014, she was kind enough to invite me for the December holidays, bless her . She wanted a clean natural look nothing over the top I also installed her weave and dyed it for her.


On Emerald’s wedding day I arrived at her prep location which was at her parents’s home around 3 a.m. Did my set up and started preparing  her girl’s. My wish is for Namibian weddings to cut the number of bridesmaids from 20 to 6 if not 4.

I had enough time to get all of them ready and it was refreshing. Victoria was the lady behind these images..


I prepped her skin by cleansing with Mac fix + and hydrating with a pea sized amount of face cream. This was massaged into her skin using my fingers.


While I let the creme sink into her skin, I groomed and shaped her brows using MAC brow pencil in spiked.

Emerald wanted a natural matte color on her eyes but something romantic without going over board. MAC paint pot in Constructivist was my eye base to aid longevity of the eyeshadow followed by MAC cosmetics eye shadow in saddle. Hubby is not a fan of makeup, we had to keep it very very light and elegant. I then gently smoked it out with a combination of deep browns. This was finished off with a liner and she had her lashes installed already.

Foundation used was Estee Lauder Sandalwood Double Wear, and i used MAC 6 shades studio finish concealer in the shame medium. The rest of the face was set with just MAC blot powder and Ben nye banana powder.

Emerald wanted a bit of  blush so I lit up her face using MAC blush in Dollymix. Already blessed with killer cheekbones, she didn’t need much contouring. I just warmed up the outer perimeters of her face with MAC mineralize skin finish in Dark deepest.

NB: She was the first bride to have ever taken me with to get her measurements. I remembered waking up early to head over to the CBD in Cape Town. Her dress was made by the famous Paul van Zyl, best day ever.


To finish up the look I firstly defined the outer edges of her lips then used one of my favourite lip combo’s – MAC lipsticks in both Please me and snop. No gloss applied.

I always go the extra mile for all my brides, i always offer a complimentary second look.  In her case, she wanted her hair hanging and i also gave her a touch up for the reception.


My bride was glowing! Loved her dress!


Thank you so much for the booking Emerald. Wishing you a blessed marriage.

Our Services

BRIDAL Package Option One 

Day of traditional makeup application
Strip lashes
Touch-up kit (powder, lip color, sponges)
Bridal Trial
Bridal Hair styling
Bridal weaving with extension
Day of traditional makeup application
Strip lashes
Touch-up kit (powder, lip color, sponges)
Hair styling
Hair and makeup Trial
Day of traditional makeup application
Strip lashes
Touch-up kit (powder, lip color, sponge)

Day of hair styling



Strip lashes

Eye brow shaping and tinting


Holiday Rates: There is an extra N$100 fee for all event dates occurring on public holidays.



Hourly Rate for Touch-Ups N$100
Hair Extensions N$ varies (contact for more information)
Blow Out N$80 (We do not wash)
Engagement Session Makeup & Hair N$500 (in-studio only)
Bridal Makeup + Hair Trial N$600
Bridal Makeup Trial N$400
Bridal Hair Trial N$200


THE FINE PRINT: Hairdresser reserves the right to charge an additional fee depending on hair length and thickness or complexity of hairstyle. There is a 5-person minimum (per service if bride is booking makeup AND hair; minimum DOES NOT include bride) for all weddings.

Exceptions are considered on non-peak wedding days and based on artist(s) availability. A travel fee per artist (based on the current Road Authority standard mileage rate N$100 is added for all on-site services. Longer distances from 100 km is charged at N$ 4 per km.

Accepted forms of payment: cash, e-wallet or eft  and a 50% non-refundable deposit followed by 3 installments. All deposits are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.

Balance is due 14 days before the wedding day. The cancellation fee within 6 weeks of the wedding date is 50% of the contracted balance less any deposits.

March 2016 Bride – Veronica


Veronica’s Wedding was a 2015 booking like most of my weddings this year, she sent me a direct massage via my  instagram account @adascreation. She wanted a complete natural look  for both her hair and makeup.

The picture above was for her  hair and makeup trial because she wanted to try out a natural hair style. And my  bridal package includes a complimentary bridal trial.  Even though she had short hair,  i could still do something with them using crochet braid from The Virgin Hair Boutique, Khomasdal Park Food.

A picture is worth a 1000 words as you can see from her big smile, she was a happy bride to be.

So what is the importance of wedding makeup trials exactly?

  • Instead of stressing about your exact look on your big day, booking a wedding trial give you the freedom to perfect your final look BEFOREHAND. This means, finding the right foundation , which false lashes (if any) works best for you, and how the makeup will last throughout the day (after the trial).
  • It allows you and the artist to not only be formally acquainted, but also allows you to evaluate their professionalism, gauge their work, and also tests just how well you connect. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t want an unprofessional artist who does not  get along with you and your party, but also does a bad job on the look.
  • It’s one less thing to worry about! Because you’ve went through with your trial, now everything is spelled out for the big day. This will give you peace of mind and lets you concentrate on other things.

For the makeup trial:

  • I recommend my bride to come with a clean face. This means, no mascara, no lipstick, nada! We’re starting from scratch and building our way up. So starting with a clean face is key!
  • Also, bring pictures of how you want your makeup to be on your big day. Photos will help where words let you down. By bringing pictures, it lets me offer advice and opinions on what might be the best for you.

For the hair trial:

  • Just like the makeup trial, arrive with clean, blow dried hair. This allows me to add product, if needed, without building up on already oily hair.
  • Also, if you plan to have any hair accessories such as a veil, tiara or  clips bring them. This will give you a better picture of what you hair will look like on your wedding day.
  • Bring pictures of what you’d like your hair to be like. Just like the makeup trial.

Veronica’s Wedding Day – March 26th, 2016

Her wedding took place here in Windhoek, she had one bridesmaid, which was perfect. I went over to her parent’s home in Shandumbala around 4:00 a.m. Started setting up and started working on her bridesmaid’s hair and makeup.

She made me feel very welcome and also offered me breakfast which is the most important meal of the day.And i love it when my brides take care of me.


After her skin was cleansed, toned and hydrated I filled in her brows using Anastasia Beverly hills brow definer in Dark brown and a bit of Swiss Chocolate eyeshadow by MAC  to avoid the colour being too dark.


Her eyes were primed using MAC paint pot  and I used my Morphe  eyeshadow pallete 35O to create warm hues that made her eyes pop! This was finished off by Lining both top and waterline using Inglot gel liner in 77. I applied false lashes by Eylure from Dis-Chem in number 150

Her skin! Her skin was prepped using a mix of milk of magnecia and ponds cream for oily skin and NYX matte spray.  I used MAC Matchmaster number 9 mixed with Makeup Forever.  I applied it using my favorite face brush and buffed it further in using a damp beauty blender sponge.


To brighten the inner perimeter of her face I used MAC pro long wear concealer in NC43 which was set using shacha powder  to set. I then added definition to her face using using MAC Mineralized powder in deep dark. To give her face that beautiful glow I used  MAC Gold Deposit  shimmer and MAC blush in raizin.

As you could see by her braids,  we changed the initially hair style. The fact that I am very creative with the different hair styles, i was able to create this beautiful up do without a trial.


To finish off the whole look her lips were lined using MAC lipliner in Chestnut and filled in using a mixture of please me by MAC and  Stone by Dose of color lipstick, and a bit of gloss in the center of her lips.

Thank so much Veronica for choosing Ada’s Creation and for such a lovely wedding.

God bless your union.


Wigs are the new sexy, why you should wig it..

Many women all over the world today wear wigs and they all have their reason. The wig industry is booming due to the sudden demand and needs for wigs. Below are some of Ada’s Creation reasons to invest in a wig or two. 

1. Wigs conceal natural hair issues . 

A lot of women suffer from hair line issues, bold patches , hair loss issues, and especially older ladies. Wigs are perfect for concealing. 

2. Protective Styling 

Wigs helps reduce hair styling manipulation such as, perking, brushing, blow dying, bleaching and straightening. Overtime these cause damage and breakage and also helps protect your hair from harsh weather conditions. 


3. Cost effective ( Saves you money) 

Wearing wigs regularly can save you a lot of money. Most of my clients bring me their old hair and this is usually all I need to make a complete unit. Brazilian hair is very expensive, having a wig cuts down on weekly, monthly visits to the hair salon. 
4. Transforming made easy 

Wigs are great ways to switch up your looks without having to visit the hair salon and spending thousands of $$$$. Wigs can be custome made to suit your face structure and also choose the length, cuts, texture, and colors. Surely you would find your preferred preference and you can choose to wear a different style each day. 


5. Time Saving 

You don’t have to spend your Saturdays in the salon or time  styling hair in the morning. Just pop on your wig and go. It’s also perfect for a bad hair day. 

At Ada’s creation we offer wig making services for only N$400.


Am wearing my own creation with a 5*5 closure. Custome colored and styled  by me .



 What you will need for a complete unit. 

  1. 300g of any hair type with a closure (300g if the closure is  small one 4*4)
  2. 200g of any hair type with a closure (200g if you have a frontal or  5*5 closure )
  3. 300g if you want a normal wig without a closure. I prefer the closures because they always look natural. 
  4. You need to come in for measurements, meaning your hair should not be weaved in or in braid. 


The above is a lace frontal and the 3 part closure , also known as the 5*5.

  Finding the Right Hair & Makeup Artist for Your Wedding      

There are many elements involved in bringing together your dream wedding that it can quickly become overwhelming. It’s important to tackle the larger item on your list ( venue, caters, photographer videographer , etc.), but having flawless MAKEUP for you and your wedding party should NOT be overlooked. You and your groom will be the focus of the day! You should enjoy your celebration without worrying about how you look. 


♦️5 Reasons To Book a Hair & Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day 

  • Experienced  – Able to create beautiful long lasting makeup on all skin tones & ethnicities 
  • Professional – Expertise in bridal makeup & managing unique wedding day situations
  • Knowledgeable – Uses the best products, tools, & techniques to ensure beautiful images! 
  • Convenient. – Luxury bridal service at your preferred location!
  • Confident   – Works well under pressure & can help you relax! 

♦️A makeup artist can make your life and your wedding day easier …

Here are some helpful questions, tips and red flags to assist you in the process of finding the right wedding day makeup artist for you around Namibia!

♦️What is your budget ?

Setting  any budget can be painful, but knowing a reasonable budget for makeup artist in your area is the first place to start. Be cautious of anyone who quotes below these rates! Rates that are too low can indicate lack of experience and / training, a kit full of products that aren’t suitable for bridal makeup, or someone who only occasionally does makeup as a hobby. Each situation can result in issues of professionalism, and even worse, ruined wedding photos. Do you really want to take this HUGE risk on your wedding day ?!

You may be able to find lower than average rates at salons or makeup counters ( Foschini , Edgar’s or MAC) but you won’t receive the same level of service, expertise in bridal makeup, privacy and convenience. Remember : YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!

♦️ Do you like the artist and their work?

You should do a “background check” on your artist via social media prior to submitting an inquiry.  Things to consider – does the artist’s personality appeal to you? Are there reviews from other brides ? Bridal makeup is very specific. You will need someone familiar with the unique situations that arise during a bridal appointment. Does their work show a variety of looks and skin tones? You dnt want a “one trick pony” or someone that does not do makeup on women of all ethnicities and skin tones – this is very important if you are also booking makeup for your bridal party. Do any of her clients look like you / have your skin tone? Do you like the general style of most of he makeup looks?   Run like your pants are on fire if they consider you to bring your own foundation!!!



my beautiful bride Milu and her lovely sister.


The bride’s lovely sister


Taatilishous ❤️❤️

♦️What is the booking process?  

When you find someone whose work and personality you like, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re almost there. You should send an inquiry via their website, email, Facebook or Instagram. Or just give them a call if the number is provided. If you got their name as a referral from me, please let them know Ada Auala the MUA sent you!  

Many artists have contact forms that asks all the relevant questions. However , if you are sending an email or massage you should provide complete details for your wedding appointment: date, time you need to be ready, what services you need and for how many people (bride + 3, for example), appointment location, etc. The more information you provide the easier it will be for them to respond quickly with their availability and quote.  The artist should respond R pleasantly, promptly , professionally and should see genuinely happy to work with you!

Make sure your artist have a contract and Terms & Conditions ! This protects you and your artist by confirming all details of your wedding day appointment. Ensure that the basics are covered in the contract ( who, where, where, what and how much), that you understand the terms, and that the terms are agreeable to you. If someone has trouble explaining the specific terms of how they conduct business, you should  be very careful

♦️Are they able to answer your questions?

How many years have they been doing makeup? Do they specialize in weddings? Do they prefer airbrush or traditional makeup? What is their ideal bridal look/client ? What’s steps do they take to ensure a long lasting application?  What are they rates? How long does it take per face? How many people can they accommodate per wedding ?what brands/products do they use? There are some awesome drug store products, but the majority of a professional kit should be stocked with PROFESSIONAL quality brands – this affects the longevity of your look and how your makeup photographs. What steps do they take for proper sanitation? Who will be the actual artist assigned to you in a case of a team? Any working bridal artist should be able to answer these simple questions confidently and quickly. 

I hope this article was helpful and all the best finding your bridal party team…

With love 

Ada’s Creation 

Introducing my beautiful brides  

Some of my recent work. 

Emerald Norman’s wedding –  Angolan & Namibian – 4 April 2015

This beauty wanted a natural finish with a nude lip. I love chatterbox mixed with Viva glam 2 from MAC. And my favorite foundation is Martchmaster by MAC for different skin tones. It’s full coverage and I dnt have to work as hard to cover up  blemishes. For eyebrow I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in chocolate. She looked beautiful and her hair was made into a lovely up do to define her beauty.


Saima Pombili Cole’s wedding – Jamaican  & Namibian  -4 December 2014

I was still very new at my craft but i managed to pull this wedding off. Saima was my first natural hair bride. I loved how she only had 3 bridesmaids which is always a good idea as it’s not time consuming.

I have so much to learn, everything I know is self taught. I believe a bride should not look surprised but very natural, Skin should look like skin and not product. This is why most of my brides prefer my work because my signature is Natural beauty.


Mulu Nogueira Amukwaya ‘s Wedding – Angolan & Namibian – 21 December 2014